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    F.I.S.H. is an acronym standing for "Fellowship for an International Scripture Heritage."


    It is one of several ministries of FellowHelpers To The Truth, Inc., a non-profit organization begun in 1982 under initial endorsement of Spring Creek Missionary Baptist Church in Benton, Arkansas.


    F.I.S.H. Ministry utilizes on-site missionaries to receive and distribute Bibles and New Testaments on various mission fields, as free-will offerings make copies of the Word available.



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    Be a Fisher of Men! Helping to spread God's Word Internationally is a mission that needs all of us! How can you help?


    Prayer: We need your prayers, include us daily as you speak with God.


    Support: Free Will offerings is the financial life blood of our operations. One time donations are wonderful and monthly donations are fantastic!


    Involvement: The service arm of FISH Ministry is FellowHelper.org  The need for web developers, graphic artists, musicians, sound technicians, video and lighting specialists, VBS co-ordinators, ..... the list is almost endless. If you have a burning desire to share your talents, contact us and we will help fan that flame!

  • tab 3 the serving hand

    TheServingHand.com is a domain registration and web site hosting provider. Implemented as a ministry of Fellowhelpers To The Truth, the revenue generated from the services provided are sent directly to FISH Ministry for the International distribution of New Testaments and Bibles.


    For those churches that have a web presence, if they will move their registration and hosting to TheServingHand.com, then hundreds, thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands copies of God's Word can be placed into thirsty hands all around the world!! The pricing is less than most services and only a few dollars more than the least expensive, AND the money difference goes 100% to Bible distribution.


    For those that need/want a web presence, we are here to help you. The first step is a domain name and web site hosting plan. Although many other services are available, two simple items are all you need to start. For a free consultation: info@fishministry.net

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    FellowHelper is the first part of our corporate name of FellowHelpers To The Truth, Inc. Shortly after the start of this ministry a hard copy newspaper named "The FellowHelper" was sent out four times a year to over 8,000 recipients. It contained information on all the works and ministry being done by the workers of the organization. In today's era of technology "The FellowHelper" has evolved into an organization of God's people going about the work of helping God's churches in multiple areas. The first new ministry is technology. A wonderful team of people have been gathered to help churches in the areas of: Web Site Design/Maintenance, Graphics and Logos, Video Projection/Integration. Soon to follow will be Praise Worship/Music, VBS Design/Support, Lighting and Sound. The possibilities are endless! We have among our people so much talent just bursting to reach out and bless us. If you need our help contact us, If you want to share your talents join us, If you want to support us contribute, If you believe it is God's will, pray for us!


    TheFellowHelper.org web site is Coming Soon!

  • tab 5 our heritage

    We are Baptist people seeking to be helpful to the Lord’s churches and works both at home and abroad. We identify with the ancient Waldenses, Paulicians, Donatists and others who have stood in the hedge and filled the gap as a succession of true churches from the time of Jesus and the apostles.


    The true churches of the Lord Jesus Christ are the “Pillar and ground of the truth.” The truth is the Word of God, the “faith once delivered to the saints.” It is incumbent upon us as God’s people to propagate His Word as foundational to individual lives and the continued growth of His churches. To this end we both pray, and labor in fields that are white already unto harvest. Furthermore, to this end we encourage others to get involved in prayers, financial support, evangelistic and teaching activities.

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    In addition to the ministries we are directly involved in carrying out, we are happy to spread the word about other ministries that honor God by serving His people. Those ministries in our listing of “Ministries” are well known to us. They have our complete confidence and praise in what they are doing. We encourage prayers and support, and, when possible, personal time commitments to these worthy works.

Fish Ministry | International Bible Distribution

 F.I.S.H. is an acronym standing for "Fellowship for an International Scripture Heritage."  It is one of several ministries of Fellowhelpers To The Truth, Inc., a non-profit organization begun in 1982 under initial endorsement of Spring Creek Missionary Baptist Church in Benton, Arkansas.  F.I.S.H. Ministry  utilizes on-site missionaries to receive and distribute Bibles and New Testaments on various mission fields, as free-will offerings make copies of the Word available.

HISTORY:  Born of a desire to aid in the scripture heritage of the world, Bible distribution was a motivating factor from the beginning in 1982. Initial funding for the ministry came from another of Fellowhelpers' outreach to youth: Southwestern Baptist Youth Day, promoting youth fellowship in Magic Springs Theme Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Youth groups were given the theaters for the day for talent presentation and full access to the amusement rides.  A percentage of gate receipts funded F.I.S.H. and other activities, specifically the publication of a quarterly newspaper: The Fellowhelper.  Since its beginning a few faithful churches have provided funds which are used in total for Bible distribution.  The ministry has operated under endorsement of Fifth Street Missionary Baptist Church in Marlow, Oklahoma, and presently under Francois Missionary Baptist Church in Malvern, Arkansas.  Since its beginning, literally hundreds of thousands of copies of God's Word have been received and distributed in the language of the people in many nations.  Recent shipment include those to Vanuatu, the Philippines, Mexico, Tanzania, Kenya, Russia, and Romania.




Throughout the year, shipping containers are readied for missionaries in various countries.  FISHMinistry seeks to place cases...or...skids of Bibles, New Testaments and related materials on each one,  Additionally, calls come for scriptures in other places where individual shipments must be made.  Each call is an opportunity to reach out with the Word by your contributions to FISHMinistry.

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Materials are now being collected for shipments to Kosovo, Vanuatu, Philippines and Kenya.  Help is needed!

Offerings for these projects may be received online or at the address below.

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